Prayer is the language of intimacy with God. Jesus was very clear: the place that He would live in, would be a place of intimate communion with Him. We believe He has called us to be His house and to turn our faces to Him. In His teaching on prayer, Jesus gave us the mandate to invite the Kingdom of God to rule here on earth. We are captivated by this.
Prayer Meeting

Our agenda is simple: We gather in prayer to bring heaven to earth. When we believe and declare the Kingdom of Heaven to invade our world, we see the marketplace transformed, families restored and bodies healed. We gather weekly on Wednesday nights at 7pm for worship and prayer.

Prayer Request

We would love to pray for you! The link below will take you to our online prayer request page.

Prayer Updates

We continually receive prayer updates from the ministries we support globally and locally. They will be made available on Prayer nights or you can view them here.

Prayer Foundations


Worshiping Him is our highest privilege and priority. In our prayer gatherings, we desire to cultivate an environment where our hearts are aligned with His through an honest, worship-filled encounter.

Corporate Intercession

Intercession is simply learning to release on earth what the Father is speaking in Heaven. There is spiritual authority and power when we align and contend for what He desires. These prayers have remarkable impact for His Kingdom in our day and in our time.

Scriptural Prayers

Learning to pray in harmony with Scripture helps our prayers to be theologically accurate. Praying the Scriptures connects us with language that is rooted in a historical spiritual encounter. When we pray this way, we pray in agreement with the authority of Scripture.


The compassion and love of the Father is revealed in the way Jesus met the needs that were brought to him. We are honored to follow Jesus’ example by praying for the hurting, the sick and those with needs.

Vintage Prayer Request

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