Justice is dear to the Lord’s heart and we are thrilled to join the Father to love on all his kids. We partner with these global and local organizations to infuse this world with the love of Christ and make Him famous.
Life for the Innocent

Life for the Innocent exists to rescue, restore and renew those affected by human trafficking.  They provide opportunities for innocent children affected by human trafficking to experience new life. Two interventions help them accomplish their goal: reaching children before they are trafficked, and caring for children after they have been trafficked.

These interventions take place globally and domestically. Internationally, they identify and rescue children at risk, care for those psychologically and physically harmed and place them in loving Christian homes where they can grow and develop. Domestically, they provide education and opportunities for action to prevent and combat trafficking in the USA.


Room 4 Hope is a non-denominational support group made up of women within the community who are dedicated to helping women at risk from all ages and backgrounds. Room 4 Hope seeks women who are endeavoring to change their lives for the better. They offer mentoring and support specific to women’s needs in a safe environment.

Warriors for Christ

Warriors for Christ (WFC) Missions Network’s vision is to facilitate groups of volunteers and events within the often forgotten mission fields of the imprisoned and the homeless.  WFC’s current focus is prison ministry, administered through yard events, seminars and mentoring programs.  WFC’s goal is to minister to these individuals so that they become whole and healthy contributors within the prison population and in their communities once released.  WFC currently focuses its efforts on men and women in Colorado prisons, jail and halfway house populations.  Principal programs include monthly/quarterly seminars and annual yard events and special programs.

If you would like to get involved with any of our partners, please visit their websites to inquire about volunteer opportunities.