Teachings / 18.11.2015

I had a wonderful time diving into the Scriptures with all of you on Sunday Night. After our Star Wars chat, we dove into the scriptures. Here are the three "p's" we talked about with our identity "in Christ" taken from Ephesians 1v1-4.  We are blessed in our position in Christ. We have complete and uninhibited access to God’s presence (HEB. 4:16). We are blessed with God’s provision. Identity in Christ provides everything we will need to thrive (LUKE 12:24). God protects us from harm. He is our shepherd, our shield, and our safe haven (PSALM 91:2). Consider this When God looks at you, He sees the perfection of Jesus — He sees a saint in Christ. How does understanding this affect you personally? In Christ, we have as our identity holiness and blamelessness. How do you feel as a brand-new temple of God? Pray and Declare As you pray over these things proclaim this truths: My identity is in Christ — it is no longer...