Wednesday morning notes

Wednesday morning notes

Hello Vintage Family!

Much grace to you this week as you live out the purposes of Jesus where you are. We have been in Luke 17, and as I was studying the next passage (17v20), I was struck by how simple the Kingdom is. At times, we can make the Kingdom of God out to be something nebulous and hard to define. I believe it is simple defined as, “The reality that the Presence of Jesus brings.”

One of our core passions comes from the Lord’s Prayer and is summed up in the phrase, “On earth as it is in heaven.” It is a constant reminder that we have been called to live for an expression of His Kingdom on Earth, the same way it is in heaven. In Luke 17:20-21, Jesus declares to the Pharisees, “The Kingdom of Heaven is around you.” The clear understanding from that passage is that at the Kingdom of Heaven is directly linked to the Presence of Jesus. I started to get excited. Why? Because His presence is easy. It is our promised inheritance. We are His. He is good and loves His kids.

I had a professor in Bible college who would stop mid-class, sometimes mid-sentence, and he would just simply invite the Lord into the room. It amazed me every time. The supernatural presence of Jesus would just flood into the room! He would remind us of the words of A.W. Tozer, “Christ waits to be wanted.” Our privilege is to be the conduits that invite Him into every situation we encounter. When we do this, we are inviting His Kingdom into our situation. Where His Kingdom is, the impossible becomes possible!

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Upcoming stuff

Dr. Jay Leroux and his wife, Linda will be with us Wednesday, October 28th at 7pm for a night of worship and ministry. In addition, they will be with us Sunday, November 1st for both the 9am and 11am gatherings. Mark your calendar! It is going to be an amazing time.

VintagePrayer, Wednesday, October 21st, 7pm at Vintage (1825 Sharp Point, #110.)

Warriors for Christ Prison Event sign ups are due by 10/24! Email Jeff Monson at for more information.

I love you and I love the call to pastor Vintage! I’m looking forward to worshiping with you again on Sunday. Have an awesome day!