Success brings options, and options reflect character

Success brings options, and options reflect character

Morning Vintage Family!

I am sitting in a Starbucks, listening to the pre-Christmas music and laughing to myself. Wow! This year is flying by. I wonder if you are like me and the often increasing pace of life can roll out of your control sometimes? My counselor used to refer to this cycle as, “The crazy index.” What an apropos name!


In my 30’s, I used to love to listen to Ted Haggard teach. One of the phrases he used to say was, “Success brings options, and options reflect character.” In other words, the better and more successful we are in life, the more we will have to flex our character in our decision making. What does that look like?

I think David, the man after God’s own heart, is one of the most useful characters in Scripture to learn from. He was a pretty honest and raw guy. There is a phrase recorded about him that sticks with me when life moves towards chaotic. It is found in 1 Samuel 30, and the phrase is simply, “David found strength in the Lord his god.” I see this as David not really knowing how to traverse a given situation and turning into the Lord to find the answers and direction.

We know that the Scriptures teach that God is the same with all His kids. So if it worked for David, it will work for us! This is an amazing concept to grab onto. When life gets crazy, and it will, You and I have the promise that we can turn into the Lord and find strength in him. That word, “Strength,” in the Hebrew, means to, “be made resilient, firm, and steadfast, or to repair or cure.”

When you feel life starting to become overwhelming, stop, turn into the Lord, and find your source of strength. Slow down and ask Him about your decisions. He will give you the strength to recover and to make the right decisions!


Some Ministry Opportunities to partner with:

Warriors for Christ – Each year, we partner with the Warriors for Christ ministry and head into the prisons at Ark Valley and Sterling to gather with the church inside the walls. It is an incredible time for several reasons.

  1. We have the opportunity to grow together in the Kingdom.
  2. We have the opportunity to live out a clear mandate of Jesus to visit those in prison.
  3. We have the opportunity to be used in new ways by the Holy Spirit.

We would love to invite you to go with us. The trips are not limited to men, but we are careful in not taking too many ladies into the prisons. If your heart is stirring, please come to the Connect table on Sunday morning, or send an email to Jeff Monson at

Room4Hope – I love what this ministry does! They minister to ladies in transition from the correctional systems back into civilian life. We have an opportunity to partner with them in a very specific way and bless a young lady named Angelique in her transition. Here is the request we received:

 “Angelique has an apartment but she does NOT have any furniture and in fact she has nothing to start living in her apartment.  We are asking if anyone has “gently used” furniture that they are willing to donate to this precious woman.  She is single and has no children but has made great steps in changing her life and following Jesus.  We at Room 4 Hope love her and want to help her in some way.

We have a full size mattress, box spring and bed frame.  One sheet set and a comforter.  That is all we have so far.   She will need dishes, pots and pans, silverware, towels, etc. Those interested in donating can contact Gloria Hudson at 970-292-8661.”


This week at Vintage:

Vintage Prayer

Join us to pray for more of His glory in our region tonight 7pm at Vintage. These times have been incredible, and I am so excited to see what the Lord does through them. Remember the promise, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray…!”

Teaching notes from Sunday are here: 10.4.15 Teaching

Much love and grace to you all!

Pastor Greg