Check this out…

Check this out…

Morning Vintage Family,


I rarely share like this, but I just had an amazing encounter with the Lord, and He gave me permission to share it with you.

For most of my life I have wrestled with a, “Poverty mentality.” That mentality causes me to see the world through the lens of fearful, “What ifs,” instead of, “perhaps Gods.” That mentality has challenged by ability to live free. Does that make sense? As I was praying this morning, I remembered something I wanted to take care of for one of my boys. It required some generosity on my part that wasn’t really necessary. I did it, processed the payment, and came back to the Lord to finish our time together. When I came back, the Lord asked me how I felt about that moment. I responded, “Great, I love doing stuff for my kids.” As soon as I said that the Lord began to download an amazing principle to me about breaking the poverty / scarcity mentality and aligning with Him.

When we align with generosity and goodness, especially in the realms of resource, we are expressing the nature of our Father who loves to give good gifts to His children. He gives because He loves to. He takes care of His kids because it brings him joy! By doing that, we are breaking the scarcity curse that comes with the fall. This is why generosity and giving are so vital. They not only align us with Kingdom finance principles and bring blessing into our lives, but they also bring supernatural ability to overcome the poverty mentality.

Chew on it. My mind is currently blowing up with it. When I give, when I am just outrightly gracious, I am expressing the nature of my Father and He loves it. Wow! Feel free to comment on it:)

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For study reference, notes from Sunday are available here: 9.27.15 Teaching


I love you. I love being your pastor. It is an incredible honor. See you Sunday!