Welcome to Fall!

Welcome to Fall!

Good Morning Vintage Family!

I love the Fall season! There is something incredibly romantic about the colder mornings and the change of colors. This Sunday, September 27th, is the first of the Fall. I was thinking about that yesterday. We have spent most of our Summer looking at what the Lord values in culture. We looked at seven unique functions of disciples. Let me recap the seven ideas for you:


  1. We Love
  2. We Fear
  3. We Worship
  4. We Pray
  5. We Give
  6. We Learn
  7. We Serve

My thought about these was this…now it is time to cement those values into our culture. When I was a student at Portland Bible College, I sat under Frank Damazio. One of the most impactful quotes of my time with him was, “Vision lives and dies at the pressure point of implementation.” In other words, what we say means little, what we do defines what we really believe.

To that end, I believe there is both a systematic and tangible way to cement these values we have been studying into our culture. I am asking if you would be willing to join me in this campaign to do just that?There is an amazing thing happening in our gatherings. I believe the Lord is drawing a group of people who are hungry for the reviving power of His Spirit. I believe if we will diligently commit to these values for the next 12 months, we will see them become our culture at Vintage. This is the culture that attracts the Lord. (hint…I think this is the culture we should live in all the time!)

Here is what I am committing to and inviting you to commit to:

Each day, I will begin in the Love of the Father, choosing my first response to be time with Him, hearing his voice, writing down our dialogue, and studying the Scriptures. During that day, I am choosing His life by aligning my daily actions and decisions with what matters to Him. In this way, I am living in the Fear of the Lord, showing the I love His perspective more than my own.

When I come upon an opportunity to serve someone, whether it be my family or a total stranger, I will serve at that moment.

When we gather, whether in large group gathering or small, I am committing to engage in passionate worship with an understanding that my heart cry of worship to My Father draws Heaven into Earth.

As a member of the family of Vintage, I am committing to give of my resources, taking the 10/52 challenge the Lord put in front of us. That challenge is built upon His request to, “Test Me and see if I will not open the floodgates of Heaven.” In this challenge, we are committing to give 10% of our income, (a tithe) for 52 weeks, and we are committing to track the blessings we experience. 

As a part of the household of faith at Vintage, I am committing to give of my time and energies to serve the Kingdom. In this way, I am partnering with the Lord as a Co-laborer in reviving this region.

This is the bedrock of revival. I believe these actions align with the heart of the Father for Vintage and our region. I am excited to see what the Lord does when His people grab His vision and live it! If you are willing, just grab me on Sunday or send me a note and say, “Hey:) I am in!”


This week…

Join us tomorrow night for Vintage Prayer @ 7pm. If you have not made it to one of these encounters, you will be blessed. The Lord is doing some really cool stuff when we come together to pray!

Sunday’s teaching notes are available here: Marriage/Money. I wanted to offer a quick note on the teaching about Divorce and marriage. I am so grateful to be a part of a culture that has the courage to chase the tougher stuff in Scripture. I am also aware that the topic is painful and may have some confusion around it. If anything that was communicated is troublesome to you, or maybe it touched an area that needs more counsel, please reach out to your CityGroup leader or to one of the pastors. We are committed to walking to health together.

Micky for Amy…As many of you know, we are battling with cancer in one of our own. Amy Nappa is in the middle of a fight with it. We are believing for a total miracle. We are praying total restoration. I would love to do something that may seem childish, but it is not. Amy loves all things Micky Mouse:) That should tell you a lot about this amazing lady. Would you join me in wearing something Mickey on Sunday? It is a simple way for us to tangibly partner with her in her journey.

Much love & grace to you! I love being your pastor.