It’s a beautiful day to Pray!

It’s a beautiful day to Pray!

Vintage family,

Good morning! What an amazing day! We are so blessed to live in Colorado. It is pretty hard to walk outside and not have the simplicity of nature remind us of His goodness.

Baptism Sunday was so much fun! We had the privilege of seeing 25 lives baptized! That is pretty incredible. Thank you to every member of the team who worked to put this event on. We are blessed with an amazingly faithful crew of people.

Prayer tonight! Do you want to see His Kingdom come in our day and time? Do you need to rekindle your passion for His presence? Join us at 1825 Sharp Point tonight @ 7pm. We are praying for revival and our city! Dwayna Rogers will be leading our prayer tonight with Matt Roberts leading worship. It should be amazing! I believe it is our calling to change our city. We must do this in the Spirit before we do it in the natural!


Love you all…see you tonight.