Vintage City Kids Weekly | 6.21.15

Vintage City Kids Weekly | 6.21.15

Hi Vintage Families,

We are so excited for another great Sunday at Vintage City Church!

The preschool classes have been working very hard to earn puffs for their “Way to Go” Jars! We are so proud of their efforts to learn the memory verse, be good listeners and participate in class! Each class has successfully filled their jars and we all get to celebrate!

All Vintage City Kids (excluding the nursery), will have a “Way To Go” party this Sunday! We will be watching “Finding Nemo” with popcorn provided. Your kids are welcome to get comfy and wear their PJ’s. Also, we will have chairs available for the kids, but your child is welcome to bring a pillow, blanket or sleeping bag.

Being that this Sunday is Father’s Day, we specifically chose “Finding Nemo” as it is an awesome movie that shows fatherhood in a positive light. This movie is rated G and if you would like to read a Christian review of the movie, you can do that here.


Parents, please keep in mind that if you have children in the 2’s-3’s, 4’s-5’s and K-6th classes, they will all be checking in and checking out of the elementary classroom as that is where we are hosting the “Way To Go” Party.

We are looking forward to a fun Sunday to celebrate the great kids we have in VCK!

No Student Leadership This Sunday

In honor of Father’s Day, the Vintage Sunday Night service is cancelled for this Sunday, June 21st, including NEXT and Student Leadership. Student leaders, do something special for Dad this Sunday!

Be blessed! See you Sunday!

Pastor Brett