Good Morning Vintage Fam!

Good Morning Vintage Fam!

Vintage Fam,

Good morning to you all! I missed seeing you all on Sunday. It felt strange to be away from our gatherings, but I am so stoked that you all had the privilege of hearing Pastor Ben share his heart for community in our culture.

One of the areas I am passionate to see community develop is in our prayer culture. Tonight, we pray at 7pm at the building. If you can make it happen, join us tonight as we continue to contend for the move that Jesus desires to bring into our region. We are incredibly privileged to partner with Him in this. Think about what an honor it is to have the Lord invite us to change a region with Him through these two powerful things: our lives surrendered and our prayers offered.

I received an email this week from a member of our family. It was a very sobering cry for us to begin to aim our prayers at the events that have gone on in Loveland with the shooter. As I read the email, I was reminded of the promise that is given to Israel in Joshua 1, “I promise you what I promised Moses: ‘Wherever you set foot, you will be on land I have given you–”

I understand there was a specific context in this verse, but dream with me for a moment. Is it too much to consider that we could take this verse, declare it as supernatural principle, and literally, “Take the land,” for the Kingdom? I think it is very near to the heart of the Father that we do that. I also know that the intercession of His people matters to Him!

So, here is my challenge for this week:

1.  Join with us tonight at Vintage Prayer to contend for our region.

2. Be faithful to declare the peace of Jesus over this situation. Release specific prayers the Lord gives you over the events.

3. If you happen to drive by any of the places shootings have happened, be faithful to declare the grace of Jesus over it.

He can change any situation. It is that simple. Our God is greater, stronger, and higher than any other!


Much love and grace to you!


Pastor Greg