Assisting Families With Graduation Sunday

Assisting Families With Graduation Sunday

Hi Team,

Graduation Sunday

This Sunday is Graduation Sunday at Vintage. I want to make sure that we all understand how graduation at Vintage City Kids works so when parents ask we can be helpful and all give the same response.

Even if you are not scheduled this Sunday, you will still need to be able to assist any families who happen to miss our graduation week.

Check In System “Promoting Grades”

Our new check in system through Planning Center Online allows us to have a much smoother transition for graduation than in years past. I have already “promoted grades” in PCO so the system should now reflect the grades they are going into rather than the grades they just finished.


1) If the child is in one of our nursery or pre-k classrooms, the child does not have a grade to promote. You (their teacher) will need to simply ask the parent during check in if their child will be starting kindergarten this fall (this should only affect the 4’s-5’s class). If so, update their grade and class in PCO and then help direct the child to the elementary classroom.

2) If a team member forgot to ask for the child’s grade information when they were first registered into the system, obviously it will not know how to promote them to their new grade. Again, simply ask the child what grade they will be entering this fall, update that information in PCO and help direct them to the correct classroom.

Who This Will Affect

New Kindergartners: If a child is going into kindergarten this fall, this Sunday should be their first time graduating into the elementary classroom.

New 5th Graders: If a child is going into 5th grade this fall, they should still be checked into the system and attend Vintage City Kids; however, they will now be able to attend Student Leadership during our Sunday Night Service. New 5th graders should still be checked into the K-6th class for the time being.

New 7th Graders: Vintage City Kids covers birth through 6th grade. Our kids that recently graduated from Vintage City Kids to NEXT are now encouraged to start attending our adult gatherings.

Nursery & Preschool

The children in our nursery and preschool classrooms (2’s-3’s & 4’s-5’s) can graduate classrooms during any time of the year. Graduation Sunday is only for the children who are graduating grades. For example, once a child is potty-trained, they don’t have to wait for “Graduation Sunday” before moving from Toddler Nursery to the 2’s-3’s class, they simply change classrooms when that momentous event occurs! If a child has a birthday and turns 4, they can move from the 2’s-3’s into our 4’s-5’s class at that time, again, they don’t need to wait for “Graduation Sunday.”

Please watch this training video for further help»

Graduation Training Video Gif

Recognition for New Graduates

In years past, we have recognized graduates in a variety of ways. This year, we will do this in two ways.

1) Sunday Morning at VCK: This Sunday morning, we will take a moment in Vintage City Kids to welcome our new graduates and celebrate this new chapter of their life!

2) Sunday Night at Student Leadership & NEXT: This Sunday night, Pastor Ben and myself will recognize all of the student leaders who have graduated into NEXT as well as welcome all of the new 5th graders into VCK Student Leadership.

Let’s try to make this as easy as possible for parents and children. The last thing I want is for this to be over-complicated for our families. If someone is in the wrong class, let’s not make a fuss about it, but simply move them to the correct one.

As always, it is easier to help field any questions you have ahead of time rather than on a Sunday morning during the busyness of check in, so please let me know if I can provide further explanation.