Summer is here!

Summer is here!

Good Morning Vintage Family!

The weather is finally here:) I pray you are enjoying it. Sunday was incredible and so full of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. I am so amazed at the goodness of the Father, and I am excited to watch the movement of the Holy Spirit continue in our City Groups this week. If you are not involved in one, please go to our website,, and take a look at some of our options. We believe in the power of community, and we want you see you join us by investing into a City Group.

I am loving this challenge we are receiving from the Lord to build a culture that contends for a move of God in our region. This last weekend, we looked at what it takes to develop a personal culture of prayer. Psalm 91 and 25 are important chapters in this understanding. May I challenge us all to spend time in each of these two chapters this week? In Psalm 91, write down the promises that come into the lives of those, “who dwell in the secret place.” In Psalm 25, write down and study the benefits of friendship and all that is connected to the Fear of the Lord. Teaching notes from last week can be downloaded here: 6.7.15 Teaching

I believe learning to discipline our lives and live into what this study on Prayer teaches us is one of the greatest decisions we could ever make. Prayer changes us. Prayer changes homes. Prayer changes regions. But, the greatest benefit of all is that prayer teaches us His character, His heart, and His perspective. We need it. Whether they know it or not, our region is counting on us to pull heaven into earth.

FF&E update…We have reached nearly $38K of our $50K goal! Praise God! Thank you for your continued faithfulness. Be blessed this week as you seek His face!


I love what He is doing in our world!