City Group Leaders Connect | 06.05.15

City Group Leaders Connect | 06.05.15

Hello City Group Leaders,


I am super excited for another City Group week! After talking with several of you, it sounds like each of our groups had unique and powerful things happen. I love the diversity of leaders and styles we have at Vintage. It really allows the Holy Spirit to move in each group uniquely.

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I was talking the Kathy Walter this week about some cool things that were revealed to her about connecting with the Lord. We all have different methods for settling our hearts in front of Him. Those planned times can be very intimate and powerful. In addition, He will surprise us with what I call a “drive by encounter.” You know, the moments when you are going about your day, and the Holy Spirit captures your heart and you have to stop everything and begin to worship and pray. When we leave those moments (planned or unplanned), we have a sense of freshness, renewal and freedom.

I have been praying specifically this week for each of you to have a refreshing encounter with the Lord. As leaders, it is so essential to receive from Him on a regular basis. It will allow you to lead from a place of joy, gladness and freedom. More important than all of the powerful things this will do for your leadership, is that you will be transformed to experience more of His glory.

Spend some time this week reading over 2 Corinthians 3. Let the Spirit of the Lord speak to you and revitalize your soul and fortify his Spirit within you!

CG Video | June Video 1 | Runtime: 06:00

Here are this weeks ice breakers and video.

Question 1: If you could go back in time, what event would you want to see in real time?

Question 2: You are king or queen for a day. What law do you create? Why?



You all are incredible City Group Leaders that make up an invaluable team. Let’s see what God has for us this week!