City Group Leaders Connect | 05.22.15

City Group Leaders Connect | 05.22.15

Hello City Group Leaders,

City Group week is here! I’m sure the Lord has great things planned for each of your groups this upcoming week. So, let’s all be prayerful to seek what is in His heart as you prepare for your group.


We had a great time at our first City Group Roundtable on Wednesday at the Wild Boar. Thank you all for taking time out of your evening to connect with other leaders and share about your group. I think we can all agree that we have several different flavors of groups and the Lord uses each in unique ways to create a vibrant community at Vintage. If you couldn’t make it to the Roundtable, no worries! I will be scheduling these often to make it easy for all of us to connect.

Leader’s Resource

One topic came up at the Roundtable that I would like to come back to as a leader’s resource. We had a chance to talk about getting to new people before they join your group. This is a great way to see if they would be a good fit for your group or perhaps a better fit in someone else’s. A great way to get to know them can be a simple coffee meeting, drinks or dessert, or even over dinner. There are three things to keep in mind when setting up these appointments.

Represent. When setting up a meeting it would be helpful to frame the conversation in a way that communicates to the potential new group member that you represent the Vintage City Group system, not just your group. This way if you see that it’s not going to be a good fit, you can easily point them to another group with out having any hard feelings. Remember the goal of the meeting is to help them find the right group and you can play a vital part in this process.

Listen. One thing that I do (and I’m sure this is not a new concept for you), is listen intently to the Holy Spirit before, during, and after the meeting to hear what He has to say. There are things that I miss that He is faithful to bring to my attention that has helped me build relationships properly.

Familiarize. It may become apparent during the meeting that this person is not a good fit for your group, so in order familiarize them with other groups you might need to know something about the other leaders. This is one of the reasons why I would like to do more Roundtables so you guys can get to know each other more and find things in common.

I don’t think that everyone who is interested in joining a City Group will need to go through a “interview.” They may already have friends in a certain group or they have a good idea of where they want to connect, but it wouldn’t hurt to take a little extra time with someone if they no clue where to begin. I have a feeling people will feel incredibly blessed and cared for.

CG Video | May Video 2 | Runtime: 07:10

In addition to the video I wanted to share with you a few good ice breaker questions to get your group talking:

Question 1: If you had to eat the same meal every time you eat, what would it be?

Question 2: Who is the best teacher you’ve had?




All of you are such a blessing to Vintage! Thank you for making difference in our community.