Prayer Leader Training

Prayer Leader Training

Vintage Prayer Leaders,

I want to thank you for joining us in prayer during our last Wednesday night together on May 6th.

Having regular prayer gatherings has been a passion in our hearts from the very beginning of our existence. Over the years, we have executed these gatherings in a variety of different ways; however, I believe that what we experienced last Wednesday is exactly what God intends the future of our prayer gatherings at Vintage to look like.

As you know, I reached out to you because myself and our leadership team believe that you would be a great fit to serve in our new Prayer Leader position. This new position is what you were able to observe Pastor Greg demonstrate last Wednesday.

Before asking you to commit to this role, Pastor Greg and myself would like to offer you some coaching and training to better equip you and other Prayer Leaders who will join our team in the future. To streamline this for future leaders, we are planning to offer this in the form of an online video.

During this training, we are planning to cover the following items:

  • Our Vision for the Prayer Culture at Vintage
  • Responsibilities of the Prayer Leader Position
  • Helpful “How To” Tips from Greg

I would like your feedback. Do you have any further questions that you would like us to cover in the Prayer Leader Training? Is there anything that confused you or didn’t make sense last Wednesday? If so, please let me know so we understand how we can best serve and equip you in this new role.

I am very excited to partner with you to create a time for our church family to gather for the purpose of prayer on a regular basis. I believe that Vintage Prayer on Wednesday nights will become a launchpad of spiritual growth, healing and intercession for not only our church but the entire city and region. I’m humbled to join you on this journey together!