City Group Leaders Connect | 05.08.15

City Group Leaders Connect | 05.08.15

Hello City Group Leaders!

We are gearing up for another City Group week. My prayer focus for several days now has been over you and your leadership. I’m praying that God would strengthen and encourage you as you minister to the Vintage family next week. Also, I have been praying over the people in your groups. That they would come with open hearts to receive what the Lord has for them. I know it is going to be a great week!

Let’s Connect

I have had a great time connecting with several of you over coffee and the phone, and I’m so encouraged by the stories you have shared. I wish we could all sit in one location, share stories and bounce ideas off of each other. WAIT! We can do that! I would like to invite you to our first City Group Leaders Roundtable. This will be a time for you connect with other leaders, dialog about City Groups, and receive some prayer. Here are the details for our roundtable meeting:

When: May 20th

Where: Wild Boar Cafe (1510 S. College Ave. Fort Collins)

Time: 5:00-6:30pm

Note: They will have coffee and food available for us to order off the menu. Food ranges from $5-$12.

We don’t get together often enough, so I hope that you can make it. The great news is that immediately following out meeting we can head over to church for the first Vintage Prayer gathering from 7:00-8:30p. Here a link to Greg’s newsletter about our new prayer gathering if you haven’t had a chance to read it. Love to see you at these events!

Leader Resource

We are settling into a grove on Sunday mornings with hosting two services. The size of each gathering is more manageable to find and connect with people in your group. Although, you may have noticed you don’t see certain people as much because they attend a different gathering. There are two things I would like you to consider to help keep those connections strong.

Attend Together. Your group is like a family and there are many benefits to experience the same gathering. You can worship together, take bread and cup together, and minister to the larger Vintage family together. Take some time at an upcoming City Group and ask if they would like to attend the same service. In addition to worshiping together you can grab breakfast or lunch depending on what gathering you attend. Just remember that if you grab breakfast, I get hungry between gatherings and I love breakfast burritos : )

Change it up. It may be hard to get everyone in your group to have the same Sunday schedule, so an alternative solution would be for you to change it up. If you regularly attend a certain gathering and have been missing someone from your group, try attending a different gathering to connect with them. The benefit to mixing it up from time to time is the opportunity to interface with with new people and invite them to your group.

CG Video | May Video 1 | Runtime: 08:01

In addition to the video I wanted to share with you a few good ice breaker questions to get your group talking:

Question 1: If you had to quit your job to chase a dream what would it be?

Question 2: What is your most prized possession?

CG_Greg YouTube_050815-01

Just in case you missed the resource video that I shared a couple weeks ago you can find it here:

Click Here to view the Overview Resource video | Runtime: 13:01

Password: c1tygr0ups


Love all of you so much and my prayers are with you! Have a blast pastoring the Vintage family this week!