Happy Tuesday…and Early Mom’s day!

Happy Tuesday…and Early Mom’s day!

Vintage Family,

Happy Tuesday to all! I am excited to see what Jesus is doing in our culture. Thank you for your grace and willingness to go on this journey together. I woke up this morning thinking about the verse, “The Lord’s loving kindnesses are new every morning.” There was a new anticipation and hunger in me to see what those loving kindnesses were. We are so dearly loved. We are so sought after by our Father. I pray that reality draws us into a deeper encounter than ever before! You can download Teaching notes from Sunday here: 5.3.15 Teaching As always, if there are questions, thoughts, or comments, I would love to hear those!

FF&E: $11869.00 has come in towards our goal of $50K. Praise God for that! We will continue to receive contributions towards this need until 5/19/15. Please mark all checks with, “FF&E,” in the ledger.

Mother’s Day...this Sunday is Mother’s Day. What a great opportunity to reach out and live the Scriptures. “Honor your Father and Mother,” is a direct mandate of Scripture (Exodus 20v12). The word, “Honor,” means to give weight, substance, or value to something. Here is my question for us this week: How can we tangibly walk in agreement with this verse this week? Pray into it, and ask the Lord for creative ways to honor your mom or the memory of your mother, then live those out with joy and courage!


Love you all…and I love being your pastor.