Some thoughts from my heart… and teaching notes.

Some thoughts from my heart… and teaching notes.

Vintage Family,

Much grace to you all this week. I have been praying over you! Life is crazy busy. I both love it and hate it. We have been growing rapidly, which is such a blessing, but it sometimes feels like we can’t catch up. So I have been asking the Lord about it, and He has been challenging me to work to define our culture at Vintage. That is really the genesis of this series we are in. I believe the Lord has a culture for us, one that works in concert with His heart for us now, and for our future.

The important gatherings of the church are not difficult to see. I believe there are three gatherings that are central to healthy spiritual life:

1. Large Group Gatherings – throughout the history of the church, we have gathered together, “On the Lord’s day,” to worship, encourage each other in love, and to grow in Him. These are our large group, Sunday gatherings, at 9 & 11am.

2. Small Group Gatherings – there is such intimacy that can come from our gathering in small, micro groups. These groups are a place where we can move deeper with each than we could in a large group. These groups are a place to develop, practice, and learn how to flow in the Holy Spirit. These groups are a place we learn to laugh, love, and do life together. These are our City Groups that meet every other week.

3. Prayer Gatherings – Jesus said, “My house will be a house of prayer for all nations.” With that statement, He gave us a priority of heaven. We are called to pray together. Prayer Gatherings are where we learn cry out, we learn to pray the Scriptures, and we encounter Him together. These are our Vintage Prayer gatherings, every other Wednesday at 7pm, beginning May 20, 2015.

I want to encourage us all to invest in these gatherings. We have worked to develop a systematic schedule that is intended to give us the opportunity to engage together in each of these three gatherings, yet not be overwhelmed with busyness. We will always gather on Sundays, and every week we have either City Groups or Vintage Prayer. In this season where we are being called by the Lord to define our culture, I would love to invite us to commit to this simple culture. I believe Jesus has so much to release to us for our city, and I believe as we commit to the systematic culture He is revealing, we will begin to see more and more of His incredible agenda for our day!

Teaching Notes: I promised to send out the notes from our teaching last week. So, I have attached them in this email. As always, please feel free to send me an email with questions, thoughts, and revelations as you study!


FF&E Update: Total FF&E is about $50K. $4789 has come in to date. Praise God! I am excited to see what more comes in to furnish our gathering space. Thank you again for your faithfulness to the calling of Jesus in our city.


I love being your pastor.