Week 6 in our new home!

Week 6 in our new home!

Vintage Family,


Good morning to you! The sun is out, weather is great, and we are 1 day away from our week 6 gathering! I am excited to see what the Lord has for us in this season. I am so challenged by the concept of, “learning to contend for a move of God in our region.” I feel a very clear sense of vision from the Lord for us, and I am excited to share it as He leads. There is an incredible sense of Him building and developing something new and fresh in our region. Lord willing, we are studying about worship again tomorrow, but one thing I am sure of is that we will go after His presence with all of our hearts!


FF&E Offering –

Offerings are sacred in Scripture. They are the giving of resources as a voluntary act of love towards the purposes of the Lord. Because of that truth, we take them very serious, and we are very careful with what we are willing to receive offerings for.

April 19-May 24 is a season we have set aside to receive special offerings and giving towards our Fit, Finish & Equipment needs in the new space. FF&E is just an official way of talking about all the different aspects that we need to outfit to transition away from a portable culture to a permanent space. As always, my heart and my passion is always that you pray about what to give and respond in obedience to what Jesus says. I am also a firm believer in knowing how to pray. Here are the areas of the space we need to outfit:

1. Vintage City Kids Rooms

In these rooms we are working to furnish cabinets, countertops, check in stations, carpet, and supply storage.

2. Audio / Video / Sound

We are raising resources to furnish our main gathering rooms, VCK rooms, lobbies, and conference room with permanent video systems. We are also working to bring some much needed acoustic control to these spaces through professionally installed Acoustic deadening panels. Lastly, as resources are provided, we will permanently install & improve our sound systems to finalize our gathering space.

There is much to get done, but I am so excited for the opportunity. I believe in excellence, and I love the way we do church and life together. To accomplish all of this, and fully settle into our venue will require about $50K in funds. To date, we have raised $1633.00 towards this. Thank you for being faithful to pray into this! Please mark your giving with, “FFE,” in the ledger or on the envelope. This will allow us to accurately track this offering.

I love what Jesus is doing at Vintage, in our region, and in our lives. I love being your pastor. I am excited to worship together again tomorrow! I will see you at 9& 11am!


Much grace!



Pastor Greg