City Group Leaders Connect | 04.25.15

City Group Leaders Connect | 04.25.15

Hello City Group Leaders,

It’s City Group week and I am excited for our church family to connect with all of you!  I am encouraged by the reports I am hearing about your groups, God is doing some cool stuff! Like the “Seaside Gang” (The Shelton/Calistro/Husted Group), had a cool encounter with the contractor who was finishing their basement. He decided to show up to their City Group and unbeknownst to him, the Holy Spirit had a divine moment for him. The contractor ended up loving it and the group had an awesome opportunity to minister to him.  I love it when this stuff happens!

Leader Resource

All of you are doing a great job pastoring your group and as the leadership at Vintage we want show our support as best we can. This week I want to share with you a video the Greg put together as an overview of what City Groups are all about and walk you through a successful night.  This video is meant for City Group leaders only, but please bookmark this link if you would like to share it with a potential new City Group leader. It would be a great way to show them what City Group leading is all about. I have created a password protected page where this video and future resource videos can be found.

Click Here to view the Overview Resource video | Runtime: 13:01

Password: c1tygr0ups

Also, I wanted to share with you two ice breaker questions. Please don’t feel like you need to use these, but they are a great way to get your group talking.

Question 1: If you could compete for a $1 million prize on any reality TV show which would you choose?

Question 2: Which author have you read most? (You can’t use the God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit as your answer -haha!)

City Group Video | April Video 3 | Runtime: 05:37

This weeks video we dive into Proverbs 9v10 and Greg makes a simple, yet considerable point about what it means to live in wisdom.



Love everyone of you and I am grateful to minister to the Vintage family with you!