VCK T-Shirts & Hats

VCK T-Shirts & Hats

Hi Team,

We have noticed that in the hallway on Sunday mornings it can be difficult for families to identify the Vintage City Kid’s Team, especially if we have new guests. Normally, I love to let people express themselves as individuals and not require uniforms; however, our leadership team believes that it could be very helpful for the families at Vintage if we had something that made us look more like a team.

Here are the options: Matching T-Shirts OR Hats

I really don’t want to force this on anyone. Would you do me a favor and respond to this email with an honest reply about whether or not you would be willing to wear either a T-Shirt or Hat if we made them available to our team.

Let me know!


Here is an example of some T-Shirt designs for men and women…

VCK T-shirts