Easter Sunday | Check In

Easter Sunday | Check In

Hi Team,

We Did It!

We have made it through our first two weeks at Sharp Point and I must say, I think it has been a pretty smooth transition. We had a lot of changes in addition to the new location and service times and you have all done an amazing job at keeping up and adapting.

Easter Sunday

Our first week in Sharp Point we had 98 kids and last week we had 102. We are anticipating that we could have upwards of 150 children for Easter Sunday. If you are scheduled for Easter, please come expecting higher numbers, confused or lost parents and a longer check-in line. This means you will need to be ready to ROCK N’ ROLL for a super fun Sunday. ūüėČ

Feedback Form//Fit N’ Finish

Thank you for filling out the feedback form to let us know what we are doing right and find areas that need improvement. I want you to know that Brittany and I have been reviewing your feedback and very much appreciate it.

Some of the feedback has been in regard to the functionality of the new gathering space and outfitting it with the final touches. Some of the more obvious things that we are working towards are built in shelving for the check in stations, storage/furniture, carpet in the classrooms and decor. I want you to know that these items are not forgotten and there is a plan. Thank you for being patient and flexible as we continue to get more and more of these items finished each week.

Check In

Our transition to the new PCO Check In/Out System has been a smooth one. Thank you for all of your hard work learning a new system. I know for some of you, computers do not come naturally, so I very much appreciate your effort! There are a couple of things that we have noticed in the first couple of weeks that I’d like to cover.

Classroom Locations

Please make sure the correct Classroom Location is selected before you check the kids in.

We have had a lot of kids getting checked into the wrong location and then checked in a second time to the correct location. This makes our system think that a child is checked into two locations simultaneously and is confusing team members because it appears that they are missing children. Most of this confusion is happening between the 2-3 year olds & the Toddler Nursery.

If the system shows the wrong location under their name, click their name to change it before you check them in.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 2.46.34 PM

Grade/Age/Child Info

We are still missing a lot of information for the kids. Before you check them in, click the edit button (to the right of their name) to confirm that we have grade and age info before you check them in.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 2.58.06 PM

Manned Stations

Some of our families are still used to our old system where they had to check themselves in. Our new system is set up so that our VCK Team Members do this as a curtsey for the family. It also gives us the power and control to make sure that the kids are checked in correctly. For this to work, we need to make sure that at least one team member is stationed by the door 15 minutes before and after the start of service. Remember, you are the gate keeper for that class and therefore responsible to not only help them check in, but also help them get to their correct classrooms.

Check Out

Parents have been arriving at the classrooms before the team members realize that service is over; therefore, parents have started¬†checking kids out themselves. The problem is… parents don’t know our system and are checking out the entire family at once, instead of doing it room-by-room for each child. This has caused some¬†confusion for everyone. We need to be at the stations and ready so the parents don’t do this.

To fix this, I would like our Hallway Monitor to go room to room and let teachers know when parents are coming for check out so our teachers can be ready.

Other Issues

If there are more complicated check in issues that need fixed, please remember to write them on the yellow pad at your station. I have been collecting these and fixing them during the week. Thanks for helping me catch some of the issues!

That’s all I have for now! Thank you for¬†supporting Brittany and I and your hearts to serve the kids at Vintage. You are doing great!