City Groups this week

City Groups this week

Hello City Group Leaders!

I’ve had a blast connecting with each of you over the past few weeks! It has helped me gain a better perspective on how City Groups function at Vintage and where we can take them. With that said, I apologize if we haven’t had a chance to connect since the last City Group leaders meeting. I am being intentional with connecting with all of you, so if we haven’t put something on the calendar yet you will be hearing from me soon.

First Video for April

I wanted to share with you the latest City Group video for you to use this week. Greg wraps up the teaching on the 7 pillars found in Proverbs 9. Please preview the video before your group and I’m sure you will agree with me that it has some great closing thoughts to close out the night. Here is a link to the video page on the Vintage website.

Leaders Resource

In our best efforts to be a continual aid and blessing for you as a leader, I want to recap for you a few things that we covered at our last City Group Leaders meeting to help you have a successful City Group this week.

As part of our new model, I really want to encourage you to be intentional in deepening the relationships in your group. I would love to see this done by taking a good portion of your night to have people breakout into groups of 2-3 and ask each other a few questions:

  1. What did you do with your time off this week? 
    1. This is an ice-breaker question, just to get the conversation going.
    2. This question will change from week-to-week.
  2. How was your time with the Lord this week?
    1. You can coach your group in using the Red, Yellow, Green rating method as described below.
      1. Red- No one-on-one time with the Lord. Not much effort made.
      2. Yellow – Some time with the Lord. Frequency or depth wasn’t all that good, but effort was made.
      3. Green- Frequent time in the secret place. Time with God was enriching and fruitful.
    2. A few things to keep in mind with this feedback method.
      1. It gives a framework for people to use, it’s an aid.
      2. Coach your group to ask “Why?”
        1. Asking someone why they gave the rating they did will continue the conversation that will lead to ministry.
  3. What do you need prayer for?

Encourage your group to take all the time they need to minister to each other. One of your roles as a leader can be to float around in the room to get an idea of how the people in your group are doing. This will allow you to know how to pray and connect with individuals outside of your regular meeting if necessary.

Other Elements

Here is a list of other elements that I encourage you to make a part of your meeting.

  • Food – I think this is a must! : )
  • Worship (Live or playlist)
  • Games (as time allows)

As I mentioned before, using the video as ending piece will help bring your group to a close. If you find that time doesn’t afford to watch the video as a group, please feel free to send out the link via email to your group members.

Thank you for helping lead the Vintage family into a stronger more vibrant relationship with our Father! You ROCK!