Pastor Brett | Lil’ Blue Party!

Pastor Brett | Lil’ Blue Party!

Hi Student Leader Parents!

It is bittersweet, but this Sunday (March 29th), we will be having our last 5th/6th Grade Student Leadership class at our home. As many of you may know, the kids very aptly and affectionally refer to our home as “Lil’ Blue” and in honor of our time together at “Lil’ Blue” we will be having a blue-themed party, complete with blue punch, blue corn chips and Blues music. Send your student leader to the party wearing blue and with their leadership book and Bible!

Lil' Blue

Remember, there will be no student leadership on Easter Sunday (next week). We will be having our first 5th/6th Grade Student Leadership Class on April 12th at our new church home at 1825 Sharp Point Drive and at our new time from 5pm-6:30pm. We are so excited to move into this new chapter with our student leaders!

Thank you and we will see you Sunday!