1825 Sharp Point…The times, they are a-changing..to 9 & 11!

1825 Sharp Point…The times, they are a-changing..to 9 & 11!

Vintage Family,

Wow! No more wondering:) We are in our new home this weekend, 1825 Sharp Point Drive, Fort Collins. I am so excited to invite each of you to begin this new chapter in Vintage’s history with us. Thank you for your constant prayers, commitment, and service! I love what Jesus is doing at Vintage. I love the expression of His presence we have been experiencing. My prayer is for an increase of that expression in this next season. My prayer is for an unprecedented outpouring of His glory. Our region is desperate for that real and authentic outpouring of the Glory of the Lord!

This Sunday March 22nd, our new gathering times go into effect. We will meet for Morning Prayer at 8:20am, then our gatherings will begin at 9am & 11am. All Student Ministries will continue to meet in their respective places until 4/19/15.

Can I make a request? I would love to see a full house praying on Sunday morning @ 8:20am. I believe in prayer. I believe it changes our perspective, our circumstances, and prayer aligns us with the heart of the Father. He so clear in Scripture, “I will honor those who honor Me.” Join me. Let’s lavish honor on the one who is worthy of all honor!

I love being your pastor. I am humbled by this journey. See you Sunday…Here we go!


Much grace,