NEXT canceled 2.22.15 due to snow!

NEXT canceled 2.22.15 due to snow!

Hello Parents,


I love the snow, but when there is this much unfortunately we  have to cancel NEXT to ensure safety for all of our parents and students on the road. I never enjoy canceling our gathering, because I love what God does when we get to hang out. So, stay in and enjoy some family time!


As many of you know we had an amazing time at Wintertreat this year. We started camp with a testimony by one of our students that really set the tone for the rest of our time. Through her, the Holy Spirit really spoke about the theme of breakthrough, and we had a lot of that going on. Many students received healing, wisdom and power to break through strongholds and areas of difficulty. Our adult leaders taught many different passages of scripture that ended with this breakthrough theme, which added more to what God was doing. We logged hours in worship and prayer and ended the weekend with another student sharing about the story of Joseph at our morning devotional. He challenged the students to stay faithful to the word and work that God is doing in you.


I share all of this for two reasons. First, Winterteat was transformative and second, if you haven’t talked with your student about Wintertreat  (beyond all the fun stuff we did) this Sunday night might be a good opportunity to do so. My hope for the parents and students at NEXT is to deepen their relationships with each other to create a spiritual revival in the homes in Northern Colorado. I know it can be difficult to connect with a teenager sometimes, but I want you to know my prayers are always with you and if you ever need anything from me please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Pastor Greg has also sent out a communication about canceling all Vintage gatherings this Sunday. If you have not received it, here is a link. In addition, if you would like to receive any future updates you can sign up at We will miss all of you this Sunday night, but enjoy this night off to connect as a family. Sarah and I love pastoring you and your students!