VCK Weekly 8/19/14-8/231/14

VCK Weekly 8/19/14-8/231/14

Hi Vintage Families,

This week, Vintage City Kids is presenting the first of two movie party Sunday’s. This Sunday is JONAH and the next week will be ROAR (Daniel & the Lion’s Den).

The kids can read this story ahead of time by turning their Bibles to the book of Jonah chapters 1-4. We are so excited for them to learn these two stories that are full of adventure, excitement and still hold great lessons for us today.

Movie Party Details

  • Water and popcorn provided for free
  • Additional snacks available at the concession stand for 50 cents each.
  • Movie will be held at normal Sunday service time (10:30am)
  • Includes all ages except nursery classrooms – they have their own exciting things planned!

See you soon for the movie party!

Pastors Brett and Brittany