Prayer Tonight!

Prayer Tonight!

Hello Vintage Family!

I am more than thrilled that our weekly prayer gathering is starting up tonight. I would love to have you join us as we lift up the name of Jesus, pray strategic prayers, declare scripture, and have a time for personal prayer needs. We will be in the Aux Room tonight from 7-8pm. Hope you can make it!

I think all of you would agree that Tom Ewing’s teaching on Sunday was enriching and encouraging. His teaching on the Vinedresser unpacked the importance for us to spend time with Jesus and learning to abide in Him. Check out the Podcast here if you want to listen for the first time or soak in it again.

Vintage Groups

I wanted to recap the new groups structure I talked about on Sunday. I believe having a healthy rhythm to our group calendar will create a positive group environment and allow your relationship with the Lord and others to thrive. Groups now will include all types of interest, focuses, and intentions and I am excited to see what kind of groups we can have at Vintage! If you are interested in starting a group, I would encourage you first to ask the Lord and get His blessing, then attend our next Belong class (July 9 at 11am). From there we can get the process rolling to launch your group.

I have taken the yearly calendar and broken it down into three sessions. They allow easy entry and exit points for group participants and leaders, and the calendar follows natural breaks where life gets busy (i.e. school start, holidays). At minimum, a group leader needs commit to one session. However, if the leader would like to continue their group through another session, they are welcome to do so. The 2017-2018 calendar looks like this:
  • Fall 2017 | September 10 – December 3 (13wks)
  • Winter/Spring 2018 | January 21 – April 29 (15wks)
  • Summer 2018 | June 3 – August 5 (10 wks)
This will officially start this fall, so if you are interested in starting a group lets connect this summer at Belong to get you rolling!
Our new Belong class is going very well, and we are seeing more people get involved at Vintage than ever before. If you would like to join our family (church membership) and get plugged in I encourage you to attend our next Belong Class on July 9 at 11am in the Vintage Office (unit 130 off the west side parking lot).
Thank you for being an incredible church family. Much love!