Passion Week!!!

Passion Week!!!

Vintage Family,


Special Gathering times! Our gathering times are 8am / 9:30am / 11am.

I am excited for this weekend. This is a time when so many people make a journey towards Jesus! This is a weekend when that invitation you make will very likely get a, “yes!” So, invite your neighbors and friends! We are praying and believing for a sweetness in our gatherings. I want to see those far off come to Him! We are going to share the Gospel in our gatherings this weekend and celebrate the grace of Jesus.

Baptisms…Planning for what Jesus is going to do, we will having water baptisms on Sunday the 23rd! If you want to be baptized or know of someone who would like to, email Pastor Ben at [email protected]

Good Friday Devotional…Take some time this Friday, alone or as a family, to remember the day Jesus gave His life. Sit quietly and read Matthew 27v32-56. Close your eyes and let the Scriptures come alive as you see Him on the cross. Reflect on the emotions of the moment. Embrace the weight of the moment. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the gift of the cross to you this weekend, and then join us on Sunday to celebrate the truth that He is alive!

Remember our gathering times are 8am / 9:30am / 11am. Let’s come ready to see Jesus impact lives!


Much grace,


Pastor Greg