A Time to Pray…

A Time to Pray…

Vintage Family,


I hope your Friday is blessed! I wanted to share a couple thoughts with you that are time sensitive for us. We have a mandate in the Scriptures to pray for those in authority. Paul will teach that leadership is God given, and as humble disciples, we accept the leadership and commit our prayers to them. I shy away from politics as a regular practice. I do not believe, “the right,” leader is our answer. We have the right leader in Jesus.

Something came across my desk today that caught my attention. It was a Twitter invite to all witches and those who were willing to join together to cast binding spells on our new President. I cannot substantiate the claims, nor do I care. What caught me was that someone out there understands a very important spiritual principle: the supernatural realm influences the natural. Do I believe we need to launch a counter offensive? Yes and no. Am I attempting to declare support of a party or a leader? No.

I am concerned with how we, the Church, live out our roles in this time.

I believe we need to covenant with the Holy Spirit to do our role. We need to be praying supernatural grace and wisdom on ALL leaders and officials. Today, however, we understand there are a few that will attempt to influence the leadership of our country with the demonic realm. Let’s stand against this, and then continue to stand as intercessors, simply declaring these two pillars, “grace and wisdom,” over the leadership of our country.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday, to worshipping together, and to studying the Scriptures! Be blessed. Pray, for it is a time to pray.