Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!

Good Morning Vintage Family!

I pray your week is full of His presence and grace. Be encouraged to walk in the truth of who you are! You are His child. His joy is on your life. His favor rests on us as we live according to His counsel. I love that truth that is coming out in our Corinthians study. It is so refreshing to realize favor is our portion. It is simply the natural reality of a life of obedience to His heart. Ask Him to reveal his favor to you. Ask Him to show you where it is active and alive in your walk!

Prayer tonight! Join us at 7pm for a time of encountering Him! We will worship and then spend some time ministering and crying out for the items the Holy Spirit brings to our hearts. If you have not made a prayer night, I would encourage you to come. It is a great way to refresh mid-week!

Notes from last Sunday’s teaching can be found here: Vintage Corinthian Study,

Much grace to you today!