Great change is intentional…

Great change is intentional…

Good Morning Vintage Family!

Here we are, saying goodbye to 2016. This was an incredible year in our journey at Vintage. I am amazed at the encounter in the Presence of the Lord we are enjoying. I believe it is just a taste of what 2017 has.

This is a time when resolutions are made. I love that. There is a natural recalibration that happens in our hearts. Studies show that it only takes about 21 days to create habits. In other words, consistency is the key to developing the lifestyle we desire. Can I invite you to consider some, “great habits,” for 2017?

  1. Invest in a consistent time each day where you makes space to encounter God and write down your journey.
  2. Invest into growing your worship language by pressing in with more passion as we gather.
  3. Invest in building intentional kingdom relationships by doing life together with others who love Jesus in a CityGroup.
  4. Invest in calling the supernatural into our region by praying together with His people at Vintage Prayer on Wednesdays at 7pm.


These are just a few, “great habits,” for us to consider! I am so excited for our journey. This year has such a sense of Him on it. Enjoy your holiday weekend, and join us at 7pm on Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 for the first Vintage Prayer gathering of the year! We are back on our Sunday schedule of 9&11am for January 8th, 2017.


The Vintage offices are closed this week. If you have, “End of the Year,” giving, simply mail it, postmarked by 12/31/16, to:

Vintage City Church

1825 Sharp Point #110

Fort Collins, CO 80525


Blessings to you!


Pastor Greg