What a week ahead!

What a week ahead!

Vintage Family,


Good morning! What a beautiful Saturday! I am super excited for this next few days at Vintage. We have the privilege of having special guests, Dr. Jay and Linda Leroux, with us for a few gatherings this weekend and next. If you have not had the opportunity to be with us when Dr. Jay is here, you will be so blessed. Dr. Jay is a friend of the house who serves Vintage as an Overseer for my family. He and Linda are such a blessing us and I know you are going to be blessed!

Here is our schedule for the next few days:

5/29 – Dr. Jay Leroux, 9am / 11am Vintage Main Gathering

5/29 – Dr. Jay Leroux, 5pm Vintage Next / VCK Student Leaders

6/1 – Dr. Jay Leroux, 7pm Vintage Prayer

6/5 – Dr. Jay and Linda Leroux, 9am / 11am Vintage Main Gathering

It is going to be an amazing week. Bring your journals and come hungry for more of His presence. Love you all!