All in the Family

God wants to come in and rebuild us in His image — and in the process, He wants to throw out all the broken, miserable, bad things and give us the best He has. Isn’t that incredible? This is why we love Him — because He first loved us (1 JOHN 4:19).

Jesus is the only One qualified for the position of the Lord of our lives. It is possible to base everything we are and every decision we make on Him, His Word, and His counsel. This isn’t something that only certain people can do; it is something every Christian can do.

PSALM 9:10 says that those who know God’s name (who He is, His heart, His character) will put their trust in Him. True peace comes with our submission to God. We experience true life and freedom when we put Him first.

In this process of submission, not only will we grow closer to God, but we will discover that interacting with other members of His family becomes easier.


Take a few minutes to journal with this questions in mind:

  1. We are fellow members of God’s household. What hinders you, personally, from experiencing God’s family at a deeper level? For instance, are you afraid of rejection or of being hurt?
  2. What do you think it means to be the dwelling place of God? How can understanding this potentially enable you to experience God’s family at a deeper level?
  3. In what areas do you struggle with making Jesus the Lord of your life?

Pray and Declare

During your quiet time with God, ask Him if there is anything He wants to address in your life that is keeping you from experiencing intimacy with Him and His family at a deeper level. Make note of what He says to you. Then ask Him how you can change in that area and take the steps to do so.

Proclaim these in your daily prayer time:

  1. I am the dwelling place of God. He picked me to be His home (PSALM 65:4).
  2. I am an important, beloved member of God’s family (EPH. 2:4,18-19).
  3. Jesus is the foundation of my life, and I know that nothing will be able to knock me off my feet (MATT. 7:24).